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Thank you for choosing our dental supply company for your dental supplies needs. Here you'll find name brand dental office products such as 3M ESPE Penta Impression Material, Kerr, Crosstex, GC America, Shofu Super Snap  and many more. is able to offer a great selection of dental  supplies at very competitve prices since we keep a low over head and deliver these dental supplies directly to you. Dental supplies store can provide your dental office, school, clinic with dental disposable products, Endodontic supplies, Cement and Liners, Evacuation and Preventives, Kodak Dental X Ray Film and all other dental products needed at 30-40% off than our competitors.We are truly a discount dental supply company ready to serve you.

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Rely-X is fast setting, strong and easy to use. Rely X is a hybrid glass ionomer permanent cement offers zero solubility and high fracture toughness. ...
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Rely X Intro Kit

3M ESPE Vitrebond Plus liner/base can be used under both direct and indirect restorations. Vitrebond offers excellent performance under any composite,...
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3M ESPE Vitrebond Kit